Libri e Professioni una moderna libreria specializzata nel settore giuridico, fiscale e tecnico, ideata per soddisfare le esigenze del professionista di oggi, dello studente universitario e del concorsista. Dopo essere diventata un punto di riferimento per i professionisti della citta` e della regione, la spiccata propensione al servizio ci ha spinto ad offrire la nostra esperienza e competenza anche online, proponendo, con l'assistenza dei nostri librai, i cataloghi delle migliori case editrici professionali.





  • Edizione: 2014
  • Formato: 14x20
  • Pagine: 380
  • cod l&p: 66787
  • Isbn: 9781409135807
  • Prezzo € 12,80
  • acquista
  • Q.tà € 12,80
  • Disponibile in 3/7gg

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Descrizione prodotto Sinossi Fantasy Adventure Trilogy  "Magnificent storytelling." Iris Johansen NYT Bestselling Author  "A stunning epic of romantic fantasy." Affaire de Coeur (five stars)  "Brought to mind...GAME OF THRONES." Amazon reviewer  “Anyone who loved LORD OF THE RINGS will love this series.” Linda Gehrken, Amazon reviewer  THE CHALICE TRILOGY  In a land of dark seas, pagan rituals, and the lost memories of a far distant past comes a story of epic fantasy and adventure. The time is the twelfth century of the Fifth Age of Men, the year 1198 A.D. Long ago, in a forgotten past, the Prydion Magi imprisoned the world’s darkest enemy in a crystal cavern hidden deep in an underground labyrinth. Now, the seals on the cavern are cracking, unleashing a host of evil forces on the world – and heroes will be made of everyone in the battle to save earth.  THE CHALICE AND THE BLADE – Book One  In medieval Wales, a land of English lords and rebel Welsh princes, one woman holds the key to victory in the first clash of war, Ceridwen, a lost priestess of an ancient religion with the blood of dragons running through her veins. An orphan unaware of her immense power or the legacy of the past, she escapes an unholy betrothal only to be captured and taken to the castle tower of a sorcerer feared throughout Wales.  Magician, trickster, and a warrior of uncommon skill and deadly grace, Dain Lavrans survived the Lionheart’s Crusade and his captivity in the Holy Land to become the mage of Wydehaw Castle. In the solitude of his tower, he practices the mystical arts of alchemy, searching for redemption from his dark and bloody past, only to find a surer path through the ethereal woman forced into his care.  Escaping the snares set by friend and foe alike, the embattled warrior and the fugitive priestess must fight together to open an ancient gateway through time. While in a labyrinth of caves below a fortress in the north, the world’s most ancient enemy is stirring to life.